A Breather During this Challenging Moment

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It's probably goes without saying...

This is suddenly a challenging era in which to live (and operate a new business). Our deepest sympathies extend to anyone and everyone facing hardship during these trying times.

It can feel a little like the only thing we have to cling to is a fragile hope for a better tomorrow. It’s easy to find one’s self feeling a bit isolated and (a lot) alone. But as a people struggling with—and ever toward—a common cause, it’s only by the grace and compassion of those toiling in the muck and the mud beside us that we endure our seemingly bleakest hours.

2020 has been a year defined by turmoil, and by considerable cultural upheaval. But despite everything, American inspiration still pushes through the chaos. Our spirit is a stubborn thing. Bending but unbroken. Indeed, empathy and fellowship are frequently tested, but you simply can’t dare count us out. And those who doubt our resilience do so at their own peril.

Without argument, we are as stubborn a people as any on this planet. But the American capacity for collaboration, for kindness, for the simplest act of goodwill—and certainly grand gestures of independent defiance—are still as beautiful as this country we hold so dear. These qualities are intrinsic to our way of life.

We are creators, idealists, pragmatists, incredibly hard workers and great thinkers with big ideas; entrepreneurs and nurturers and can-doers. Our women and men sign up every day, standing at the front lines where our toughest foes find in us unshakable opponents.

We dust off. We overcome. We grow.

Summerland Co. is a proud member of the greatest community on Earth. We share the values, cares, fears and optimism that makes doing business in this city, region, state and country a blessing. We are honored to get to do what we love; to be afforded new opportunities, to bring a little joy into the lives of our neighbors and friends, and to shine a little light into your home.

Basically, we just want to say thank you.

Stop in some time. Just to say hello.

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